To take Sorcery, you must have Noble as a career, even if it is at 0, and you must decide if you’re going to be Half-Blooded, Twice-Blooded, or Full-Blooded. Half- and Twice-Blooded cost 1 Boon. Full-Blooded costs 2 Boons.

As an option to enhance the intended flavor of these Sorceries, the GM can rule that the character must have 2 ranks in Noble to be Full-Blooded to represent the stronger lineage through which Sorcery is inherited.


Once you take the Sorcery Boon, you must decide which Sorcery Path you will take. Usually it will be the same as your Origin, though in the case of being Twice-Blooded, you will choose a second Path that you inherited from one of your noble parents being from another nation.
Each Path has a unique set of Rituals (formerly Knacks), which only that Path can learn or use.

Paths also have three sets of mastery like 7th Sea: Apprentice, Adept, and Master. A Full-Blooded Sorcerer will progress through the higher levels of Sorcery by spending Advancement points on these Rituals similar to Dueling Styles and Maneuvers.

Half-Blooded Sorcerers cannot progress past Apprentice.

Twice-Blooded can take two Paths but cannot exceed Apprentice in either.

Rituals and Ritual Mastery

Like Maneuvers, you can spend 5 Advancement points to make a Ritual rank 2, which grants a new power for that ritual.

On your character sheet you can annotate it something like this: “Isaac Snaggs (2)”.

Once you reach rank 2 in four Rituals, you become an Adept and gain the Adept power(s) for your Path. You are also now able to use 5 Advancement points to raise a rank 2 Ritual to rank 3. Once you reach rank 3 in five Rituals you become a Master and can access your Path’s Master power.



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