Stella Isabel (20 points)
Castillian Galleon

Guns: 5 [currently 1]
Discipline: 3 [currently 1]
Rudder: 3
Hull: 5
Sail: 4
Modifications: Boarding Party (5), Deep Draft (-5)

Crew: 5 (currently 1)
Cargo: 4
Draft: 4
Brute Squads: 20 (currently 2)

Notes: The Heroes’ current ship. Taken from Castillian Armada Captain Jose Vasquez de Orduno. It has a skeleton crew and is missing its marine complement.

Redeemer (Formally the Redeemer of Souls (15 points)
Castillian Schooner

Guns: 1
Discipline: 2
Rudder: 5
Hull: 2
Sail: 4
Modifications: Wide Rudder (2), Concealed Gunports (2), Gaudy (-3)

Crew: 2
Cargo: 2
Draft: 2
Brute Squads: 8

Notes: The Heroes’ first ship. Luc Praisse de Rachetisse claimed the vessel was his, but the Heroes later learned it was stolen from High Inquisitor Constanza Rioja y Ramirez de Soldano, commonly known as Reina de Hielo (the Ice Queen). The vessel was almost sunk in a battle against the Stella Isabel and was given to the Stella’s crew when the Heroes “traded up.”

Star Runner (20 points)
Avalon Brig

Guns: 2
Discipline: 3
Rudder: 5
Hull: 3
Sail: 4
Modifications: Smuggling Compartments (3)

Crew: 3
Cargo: 3
Draft: 3
Brute Squads: 12

Notes: The Heroes began on this ship, captained by now-deceased Jacob Ringer, outside of San Augustine. It was taken by the Santa Petra, a Castillian Armada Galleon.

Santa Peta (25 points)
Castillian Man o’ War

Guns: 5
Discipline: 5
Rudder: 3
Hull: 6
Sail: 4
Modifications: Boarding Party (5), Decoration (3), Deep Draft (-5), Old (-1)

Crew: 6
Cargo: 6
Draft: 7
Brute Squads: 36

Notes: This Castillian Armada ship, captained by Jose Vasquez de Orduno, took the Star Runner outside of San Augustine. It is a galleon built as a smaller ship of the line.

Grenouille de Grace (30 points)
Montaigne Man o’ War

Cannons 4
Crew 6
Rudder 5
Hull 5
Sails 6
Mods: Decoration (3), Boarding Party (5), Cramped (-4)

Crew 5
Cargo 5
Draft 5

Captain: “The General”
Notable Crew: Princesa Rosamonde de Montaigne, Lieutenant Fierbas Desaix de Paix

Notes: The infamous warship of “The General,” an Eisen soldier placed in charge of Montaigne’s pirate hunting efforts by l’Empereur. It’s quite fast, and could be considered an overgunned corvette or a small galleon, built from scratch to overtake and sink pirate vessels.


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