Memberships require the Elite Order Boon and usually encompass being a member of a military order or secret society. Memberships come with various benefits.

Public Orders

Swordsman’s Guild (Most Dueling Style Boons offer automatic membership)

Acalde (Castille)

Church Guard (Vatacine)

Iron Guard (Eisen)

Knight of Elaine (Avalon)

Jarl (Vesten)

Lord’s Hand (Vodacce)

Ordained (Vatacine Church)

Mode du Lac (Fashion Society)

Musketeers (Montaigne)

Stelet (Ussura)

Secret Societies

Die Kreuzritter (Black Cross)

Explorer’s Society

Invisible College

Los Vagos

Order of the Rose and Cross


Sophia’s Daughters

Vendel League


The Wayward Seas LJoel