A largest port city in Montaigne with a population of 60,000. It is ruled by the second-most powerful man in Montaigne after l’Empereur himself, Duc Douard Allais de Crieux. The city is grand and filled with some of the most free-willed in the country. It is also the headquarters of the Knights of the Rose and Cross.

Footprint Island

This tiny island, southwest of Castille, houses the Talon prison, where political prisoners, malcontents, and pirates are kept. The prison is a split between comfortable cells for important political prisoners, and squalid underground dungeons used for pirates who might be valuable for a prisoner trade – if they survive the poor conditions. The warden is Hernando Gutierrez.

San Augustine

This Castillian coastal city of 37,000 was once a small town, but has grown during the war with Montaigne. Located in Rancho Zapeda, it has been under siege for several years, and the Armada is grimly determined to keep the Montaigne Navy at bay. Artillery has destroyed many of the most beautiful villas and buildings, here. The Governor is Don Hernandez Valasquez y Zapeda, Visconde de San Augustine.


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