Dueling Styles

Aldana (Castille)

  • Weapon: Rapier
  • Maneuvers: Dodge, Feint, Footwork, Riposte, Tag
  • Style Bonus: +1 Initiative
  • Final Secret: Gain a bonus equal to Savvy (or + 1 if higher) to an attack or Active Defense each Round.

Ambrogia (Vodacce)

  • Weapon: Rapier and Knife (Main Gauche or Stiletto)
  • Prerequisite: Must have the Left Handed Boon.
  • Maneuvers: Dirty Fighting, Feint, Hilt Punch, Quick Draw, Riposte
  • Style Bonus: If an opponent Yields Advantage to avoid damage from your attack, you may Yield Advantage to do damage anyway. The opponent may choose to Yield Advantage again to cancel the damage.
  • Final Secret: If an opponent attacks you and fails, you get a Bonus die on your next attack against them. This attack must be made before hat opponent’s next attack or the bonus is lost.

Cappuntina (Vodacce)

  • Weapon: Throwing Knives
  • Maneuvers: Aim Shot, Cloak Parry, Quick Draw, Staple, Tag
  • Style Bonus: +1 to Quick Draw and Ranged Attacks using throwing knives. You may use Tag with a Ranged attack using a knife.
  • Final Secret: Can Split your major action into two Ranged attacks without the -2 penalty when using throwing knives. Can split your Major action into three Ranged Attacks at a -2 penalty to each using throwing knives. These attacks can each target a different opponent within close proximity of one another.

Eisenfaust (Eisen)

  • Weapon: Broadsword and Panzerhand
  • Maneuvers: Beat, Barehand Bind, Barehand Parry, Disarm, Sword Break
  • Style Bonus: You get +1 to attack an opponent who has missed you (not because of any Active Defense on your part) earlier this Round. For the purpose of determining damage for the Break Sword maneuver, your Panzerhand does 1d6 damage.
  • Final Secret: If you delay your Initiative and are attacked by an opponent during your delay, your next action against that opponent (including Reactions) gains a Bonus die.

Goodfellow (Avalon)

  • Weapon: Avalon Longbow (1d6+2 damage)
  • Maneuvers: Aim Shot, Disarm, Quick Load, Staple, Tag
  • Style Bonus: You may add half your Might to the damage done by your Longbow. You can make Tag and Disarm attempts using a Ranged attack with a Longbow.
  • Final Secret: Loading your Longbow no longer costs a Minor action. You are now able to Split a Major action into 2 Ranged Attacks, each at a -2 penalty, using your Longbow.

Rogers (Pirate)

  • Weapon: Rapier or Backsword (Cutlass)
  • Maneuvers: Bind, Dirty Fighting, Disarm, Dodge, Shove/Trip
  • Style Bonus: Choose 2 Pirate Tricks.
  • Final Secret: +1 to Defense and Reactions aboard a ship. Choose 2 additional Pirate Tricks. You can learn additional tricks for 5 Advancement each.

Pirate Tricks

  • Against the Rails: +1 to Shove/Trip and Dirty Fighting maneuvers aboard a ship or in an area with treacherous footing.
  • Belay That: +1 attack using belaying pins and beer mugs.
  • Death From Above: You gain a Bonus die for Stunts aboard a ship, such as riding a dagger down a sail or swinging down upon a group of Pawns.
  • Kick Up: You can use Quick Draw for a weapon that has fallen to the ground by kicking it up into your hand.
  • Over the Side: +1 to any Boarding Action roll made during Ship to Ship combat when you are part of the Boarding Action.
  • Sidearm: +1 to Quick Draw with a pistol. Splitting an action with a pistol is only a -1 instead of -2 (the other action remains at a -2 penalty unless it is also an attack with a pistol).
  • Sea Legs: Dodge grants +3 defense rather than +2 aboard a ship.
  • Fearsome Cutthroat: Gain +1 Terror Rating aboard a ship (you may take this up to two times, which stacks).

Soldano (Castille)

  • Weapon: 2 Rapiers
  • Maneuvers: Footwork, Lunge, Moulinet, Quick Cut, Tag
  • Style Bonus: May use Moulinet attack when wielding 2 Rapiers and gain a +1 to the attempt.
  • Final Secret: Spend 1 Fortune to gain a free Bladework attack at -2, even if you have no actions remaining.

Tout Pres (Montaigne)

  • Weapon: Rapier or Improvised Weapon
  • Maneuvers: Dirty Fighting, Quick Draw, Parry, Shove/Trip, Tag
  • Style Bonus: Negate penalty for fighting with improvised weapons.
  • Final Secret: After a Mighty success with an attack using an improvised weapon, you gain a free Bladework attack with your other weapon.

Valroux (Montaigne)

  • Weapon: Rapier and Main Gauche
  • Maneuvers: Feint, Glide, Quick Cut, Parry, Tag
  • Style Bonus: May use Flair instead of Savvy for Parry actions to Double Parry with both your Rapier and your Main Gauche. You cannot Split your Major action to use this ability. If you have mastered the Parry action, you can use your free Reaction to Double Parry instead.
  • Final Secret: +1 to all Repartee actions and +1 to resist Repartee. When you score a Mighty Success with a Double Parry, you may make an immediate Bind or Riposte for free.

Dueling Styles

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