Prerequisite: You must be of Eisen origin and have at least 1 rank in the Noble career. Additional ranks in Noble may indicate more pieces of armor for the purpose of protecting from called shots.

These items are worth entire fiefs and are treated as Unique items. As such, it costs 2 Boons to take either Dracheneisen Armor or a Weapon. Only the Eisenf├╝rsts (Iron Princes) have more than this amount of Dracheneisen.

In addition, a character may take a Boon called Dracheneisen Heir. You are heir to either Dracheneisen armor or a weapon that is currently in the hands of a relative. In addition, you have one Masterwork weapon or armor to hold you over until you inherit your Dracheneisen item. The Masterwork item grants the ability to re-roll 1’s for damage or protection as appropriate and receives a Bonus die to resist being broken.

Dracheneisen Armor – Treat as Adamant armor in the H+I core rules (p.183). It is considered Heavy Armor with an additional 1d3 protection and penalties as if it were light armor. Despite this, it is lightweight enough to swim in. Eisen with this armor are considered to have Armor Familiarity and do not have a -1 Flair while wearing Dracheneisen.

  • The armor consists of a combination of a breastplate, helm, arm guards, leg guards, boots, and gauntlets.
  • Use your ranks in Noble as a rough guide as to how many pieces you may have. Rank 1 could include a matched pair of pauldrons (shoulder/arm guards) or tassets (leg guards). Rank 2 could include a cuirass (breastplate) or arm and leg guards. Rank 3 could include a breastplate and a pair of arm or leg guards. Higher ranks could include an almost complete set, including a breastplate, a pair of arm guards, and a pair of leg guards, as an example.
  • Dracheneisen Armor (1d6+1d3 protection, -1 Advantage unless the player has Armor Familiarity, -1 to stealth and acrobatics checks and Initiative)

Dracheneisen Weapon – Gains a Bonus die to every attack and deals an additional 1d3 damage. It also ignores protection granted from regular armor and ignores 1d6 of the protection offered by Dracheneisen armor (the armor still offers 1d3 Protection). As a masterwork item, it re-rolls 1’s for Damage and gains a Bonus dice to resist being broken.


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