• Apprentice – You gain +1 Fortune.
  • Adept – You gain another +1 Fortune.
  • Master – You gain another +1 Fortune.

Design Notes: I kept Glamour as true to the 7th Sea system as possible to preserve the many interesting and creative uses players may have come up with. Many have been changed to roll dice to see how successful they are; I feel this better captures the fickle nature of Glamour and encourages a sense of going for broke…after all, fortune favors the bold.

Also, the 5 categories of Traits under which knacks were categorized have been re-aligned under the 4 Qualities in H+I. I placed Rituals under the Quality that makes the most sense as to the kind of Legend it is based on (Jeremiah Berek has Flair, Robin Goodfellow was Savvy, etc).

Also, you can choose 1 Ritual per Quality but gain a 5th of your choice from any Category. I see this keeping the player’s choices more aligned to what they might have had in 7th Sea.


You can only take 1 Ritual per category, plus 1 additional Ritual from any category. All Glamour Rituals require the expenditure of 1 Fortune to activate.


The Horned Hunter

  • Apprentice – Gain +1d3 Might for a non-combat skill check, such as breaking open a door or winning an arm-wrestling match.
  • Adept – Gain 1d6+1 Lifeblood for the remainder of the scene. The bonus Lifeblood can go over your maximum Lifeblood for this scene only.
  • Master – Gain +1d3 Might for a damage roll or Maneuver that uses Might, including Choke, Disarm, and Hilt Punch.

Iron Meg

  • Apprentice – Heal 1d3 plus an additional 1 per rank in this Ritual to Lifeblood.
  • Adept – Cancel the effects of poison, disease, or intoxication affecting you.
  • Master – Recover all your Composure or heal 1d6+2 Lifeblood.

Queen Maab (Sidhe)

  • Apprentice – Speak with any sea-based creature for remainder of the scene.
  • Adept – Survive without breathing for the next 6 hours (underwater, buried alive, being strangled, avoid breathing poisoned gas).
  • Master – Gain a 2 Terror Rating and +2 to all rolls (except damage) while standing in water for the next 1d6 Rounds.

Red Cap (Sidhe)

  • Apprentice – Gain +1 plus an additional 1 per rank in this Ritual to Stealth checks, as well as Taunt and Trick Repartee actions.
  • Adept – Grow claws that inflict 1d6-1 damage for unarmed attacks and Maneuvers for 1d6 rounds.
  • Master – Take on a Red Cap’s appearance, giving you a 3 Terror Rating for the remainder of the scene (or for 1d3+3 minutes).

The Green Man

  • Apprentice – Give a willing person other than yourself a bonus until the end of the scene. Roll 1d3, plus an extra 1d3 per rank in this Ritual, and give the highest number rolled to that person as a bonus to all rolls, including damage, for the rest of the scene. At the end of the scene, that person suffers 1d3 Lifeblood for every +1 bonus they received. This power can be separately used on an additional person per Mastery level.
  • Adept – The next source of damage a chosen person receives is healed at the end of the Round. This may bring a person back from being dead or dying.
  • Master – You may use your Adept Ritual on another person by having them spend 1 Fortune rather than you.


Isaac Snaggs

  • Apprentice – Gain 1d3 plus an additional 1 per rank in this Ritual to an Active Defense roll.
  • Adept – You may catch a missile weapon that was targeting you, such as a knife, arrow, or crossbow bolt, from the air, negating the ranged attack.
  • Master – You may catch a bullet that was fired at you, negating the attack. This ability will not work for an attack using a blunderbuss.

King Robert the Dark

  • Apprentice – Gain +1 plus an additional 1 per rank in this Ritual to a battlefield roll. Up to three other Glamour Sorcerers may spend 1 Fortune to add a further +1 each to this roll.
  • Adept – Gain +1 plus an additional 1 per rank in this Ritual to your personal rolls in one Heroic Action.
  • Master – Add a bonus equal to your ranks in Soldier to the next roll of up to 5 people you choose (including you). Expires at the end of the scene.

St. Rogers

  • Apprentice – Add +1d6 plus an additional 1 per rank in this Ritual to your next roll using the Sailor career.
  • Adept – Restore 2d6 lost timber to a ship you are touching.
  • Master – Become one with the ship whose wheel you are holding until you let go of the wheel. When rolling for either you or the ship, use the Quality that is highest between either of you. Every Lifeblood you lose becomes 2 Timber damage to the ship, and you lose 1 Lifeblood for every 2 Timber damage inflicted on the ship. In addition, once in your lifetime you can bestow one of the following upon one ship:
  • The ability to acquire an impressive reputation. The crew can roll a Bonus die in any attempt to impress or intimidate people by invoking the name of their ship. In addition, the ship gains a 2 Terror Quality when spotted.
  • A permanent +2 on any one Quality except Size (ignoring all maximums). Instead, you may permanently add 20 Timber to a ship.
  • The ability for the ship to sail itself. This means it won’t go aground or into an obstacle unless specifically directed to do so. Any penalties given by obstacles, shoals, reefs, etc, are ignored by the ship.

The Horned King (Sidhe)

  • Apprentice – +1d3 to social and seduction attempts of members of the opposite sex.
  • Adept – You instantly move from a forest to any other forest within 100 miles. You have no control over where on the forest you will appear.
  • Master – You assume the form of any animal up to bear size and gain the Lust Flaw until dawn.

The Stone Knight

  • Apprentice – For each rank in this Ritual, you may allow a friend to hear your cry for help and know where you are regardless of distance.
  • Adept – Ignore 1 Terror rating per rank of Mastery n this Ritual until the end of the scene.
  • Master – Choose a 10′×10′ area in which you cannot be killed or knocked out as long as you remain in the area and until one sunrise and one sunset have passed. You still take damage during this time and can be knocked out when this ability expires.


Anne o’ the Winds

  • Apprentice – You may add 1d3 plus 1 per rank in this Ritual to your Initiative this Round.
  • Adept – Increase your movement by 5’ per rank this Ritual for the remainder of this scene or for one foot chase.
  • Master – You automatically go first this Round. In addition, you gain an additional Minor action.


  • Apprentice – You hide all traces of your passage for the remainder of this scene. Anyone tracking you takes a Penalty die.
  • Adept – Gain 1d3 plus an additional 1 per rank in this Ritual to climbing actions.
  • Master – Gain 1d3 plus an additional 1 per rank in this Ritual to lock picking.

Lady of the Lake (Sidhe)

  • Apprentice – You automatically succeed at a perception check.
  • Adept – You may re-roll any check. This can be used once per rank in this Ritual per session.
  • Master – Make a Tough Savvy check (-4), adding your ranks in this Ritual, to look into a body of fresh water and see the events (current, past, or future) occurring within sight of any other body of fresh water. This ability lasts 10 minutes per rank in this Ritual.

Robin Goodfellow

  • Apprentice – Ignore range penalties for your next Ranged attack with a bow.
  • Adept – Add 1 damage plus an additional 1 per rank in this Ritual to your damage roll with a bow.
  • Master – Add 1 plus an additional 1 per rank in this Ritual to your next Ranged attack with a bow.


  • Apprentice – You can sense someone using Sorcery within 30 feet of you by a tingling in your left thumb. When someone uses Sorcery on you, you immediately know what is being done. These do not require an expenditure of a Fortune point. Spend 1 Fortune to negate the effect of a Sorcery ability against you if your ranks in this Ritual are equal to or greater than the Sorcery being used against you.
  • Adept – Negate the effect of a Sorcery ability within 30 feet if your ranks in this Ritual are equal to or greater than the Sorcery being used. For example, you can prevent a Porte sorcerer from escaping or cancel a Fate witch blessing on a weapon.
  • Master – Prevent any Sorcery Rituals from being used within 10 feet of you for
    1d3, plus an additional 1 per rank in the Ritual, Rounds. Any active effects that enter this area are cancelled.


Jeremiah Berek

  • Apprentice – Add a Bonus die after rolling for an action.
  • Adept – Treat 11-12 as a Mighty Success (18-20 on 2d10 with the alternate rules).
  • Master – Re-roll a failed action. This can only be done once per action.


  • Apprentice – Transform a small object (under 1 cubic foot) into another object until the next dawn, at which time it reverts. If broken in the new form, one of the pieces reverts into an unbroken object and the other pieces disappear. If killed (animal) or eaten (food) in the new form, the object is destroyed permanently. Possible objects
    include: Knife, Fist-sized hunk of cheese, Bird, Rock (up to 5 objects), Pair of dice, Normal size playing card (up to 5 objects), Coin (up to 5 objects times rank), 20’ of twine in a ball, button.
    Adept – You transform yourself with one of these forms until the next dawn. You may spend two Fortune Points to transform another willing person or animal. You know a number of forms equal to your ranks in this Ritual.
    Child Form – If not already young, the person or animal achieves the energy and spryness of youth.
    Hag Form – The person appears older and is unrecognizable as himself. Gets –1 on social interactions.
    Noble Form – The person appears more handsome or beautiful. Gain +1 on all social rolls.
    Ogre Form – The person appears more intimidating. Gain –1 on social rolls except intimidation, which gains +2.
    Peasant Form – The person appears much blander. Gain +2 on rolls to avoid being noticed.
  • Master – You may spend a month of preparation to enchant a building (up to 4,000 square feet). When complete, you may choose 3 of the following laws, which work in the building unless otherwise disrupted. You can only have one building so enchanted at a time.
    I can’t die in my house.
    Nobody’s magic but mine works in my house.
    I always know where everything and everyone is in my house.
    No one can enter my house without permission.
    Nobody ages in my house.
    The pantry in my house always has food and drink in it.
    I can instantly rearrange the inside of my house with a thought
    My house cannot be harmed in any way.
    The inside of my house is twenty times bigger than the outside.
    No one can find the way to my house unless I let them.

King Eililodd

  • Apprentice – Add your rank in this Ritual to Repartee actions against Sidhe.
  • Adept – Call on the nearest Seelie for aid. Roll Tough (-4) Flair + ranks in this Ritual. If successful, a Seelie shows up to help (for a price). On Calamitous failure, an Unseelie shows up and demands a much higher price.
  • Master – Create a 5’ radius circle around yourself that the Unseelie cannot enter. Unseelie inside the circle are cast out when activated. You can maintain this for as long as you are awake and stay in the same spot.

Mad Jack O’Bannon

  • Apprentice – Disappear behind an object as long as you remain still. You can still be heard and can be seen if you peek around to look.
  • Adept – Disappear behind an object and reappear from another 200’ away per rank in this Ritual.
  • Master – You may spend 3 Fortune Points when killed. If you do, you return to life at dawn the next morning with 1 less Might (permanent until Advancement is spent to increase it). If your Might becomes -2 or less, you remain dead.

The Seelie Queen (Sidhe)

  • Apprentice – Increase your stature and aura to gain Bonus die to all social rolls for one hour per rank in this Ritual.
  • Adept – Create a small whirlwind, causing your opponent to gain a Penalty die to all actions for 1d3 Rounds, plus 1 per rank in this Ritual.
  • Master – Your opponent loses 1 point from a Quality of your choice until the next dawn.


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