Captain Jose Vasquez de Ordunez

Castillian Armada Captain


Captain Vasquez is young for a captain. He dresses flamboyantly in bright colors, with a plumed hat and well-made Castillian epee. He maintains a well-groomed goatee and has tanned skin and dark eyes.


Captain Vasquez defeated the Heroes first ship, the Star Runner, with a man o’ war called the Santa Petra. He took them to San Augustine where they were jailed by the governor.

Vasquez then hounded the group after tgheir escape, requisitioning a faster galleon called the Stella Isabel. The Heroes, despite being outgunned, defeated the Stella in a desperation move, ramming the vessel with their smaller schooner while under devastating broadsides fire.

Alejandro gave Vasquez a chance to leave the Armada and join him, but quickly grew tired of him and tried to ditch him in Crieux.

Captain Jose Vasquez de Ordunez

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